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Modernization and development of Visegrad countries is rooted in many local initiatives aimed to enhance quality of education. Teachers, scientists and experts associated in ngos change the style of teaching in kindergartens, schools and universities.

The aim of the Local Leaders of Innovative Education project is to transfer the methodology of teaching and know how on initiating innovative educational actions to enhance capacity of leaders and ngos active in education sector in Georgia.

The project consists of 4 types of activities:

LLOIE Academy: series of 4 3-day long residential ToTs for the group of 16 teachers, scientists and ngos leaders from Georgia who are active in education and science communication initiatives. The Academy aims to provide them with tools and methodology of innovative knowledge delivery and to integrate the community of education innovators both nationally and internationally. Each training will be conducted by a trainer from one V4 countries and Georgian co-trainer:
  • Training 1: Introduction to active teaching: methodology, effectiveness, impact on values, students’ behaviors and approach to learning. The workshop is conducted by Partners Poland and Partners Georgia.
  • Training 2: Creativity in education: tools and methodology in everyday school practice. The workshop is conducted by Partners Slovakia in cooperation with Partners Georgia.
  • Training 3: Tools of innovative education: simulations, games and role play in teaching. The workshop is conducted by Partners Hungary in cooperation with Partners Georgia.
  • Training 4: Debates and other deliberative models in delivering complex and controversial issues. The workshop is conducted by Partners Czech in cooperation with Partners Georgia.
An international virtual students’ conference to implement the educational project methodology to school reality. The conference summarizes achievements of students in the given research (ecological, science, cultural, historical) or artistic task.
Local educational activities (debates, simulations, workshops etc.) addressed to students/ teachers by Georgian participants that will verify delivered skills and knowledge and help to summarize the experience in a good practice handbook and website.
A one day conference for teachers and educators that summarizes the project and promote the idea of active teaching among broad group of teachers and educators. The conference will be an opportunity to practical exchange, networking and discussions about further activities to support education sector reform in Georgia.

The coordinator of the project in Georgia is the Foundation of Innovative Education.

The project is financed by the International Visegrad Fund Visegrad Fund