Fundacja Partners Polska

Partners Poland Foundation has been running the Partners Poland Mediation Center (Centrum Mediacji Partners Polska) since 1998. The center operates as part of the Foundation and offers mediation services to customers from Warsaw and its vicinity. Family and divorce, local and economic mediation is conducted at the Partners Poland Mediation Center. The Center’s mediators are psychologists, sociologists and lawyers who obtained training in the areas of family law, marital conflict and psychological assistance, both in Poland and abroad (Belgium, Hungary, USA, Sweden, Slovakia).

The Partners Poland Foundation has also implemented educational mediation initiatives, for instance:

2013 – 2014 – Mediation in Georgia – cooperation program to foster family and business mediation development in Tbilisi and Gori. Founder: The Polish Solidarity Fund.

2008 – Good talk – good family – nationwide study of different conflict resolution styles in Polish families, combined with an awareness and educational campaign about mediation. Founder: Civic Initiatives Fund

2006/2007 – Family mediation as a way of protecting familial bonds in crisis situations – model conflict resolution methodology. Awareness campaigns, seminars, meetings and training pertaining to family mediation. Founder: Civic Initiatives Fund

2006/2005 – Family mediation – protecting children in marital conflicts. Founder: Civic Initiatives Fund. Protecting children in marital conflicts – a Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of the Netherlands MATRA/KAP project. Mediation in divorce situations, shielding the child from negative consequences of the parents’ breakup, educating families in crises, educating lawyers and specialists about child rights.

2003 – mediation in foster families. Implementing mediation in the procedures of County (Powiat) Family Assistance Centers’ family foster care groups. Founder: Masovian Center for Social Policies

2002/2003 – The practice of family mediation in social and judicial systems of the European Union – conference and training. Founder: Office of the Committee of European Integration. Family mediation in judicial systems of the EU - dissemination of family mediation awareness among judges: conference and workshops, publication of a brochure. Founder: Stefan Batory Foundation

1999 – Family mediation in Poland. Where to begin? – pilot program. Founder: Stefan Batory Foundation.

1998/1999 – Peer Mediation Program in the Raoul Wallenberg Creative Inclusive School in Warsaw. Founder: Alfred Jurzykowski Foundation.

1996/1997 – Pilot program promoting economic mediation. Founder: Partners for Democratic Change and USAID