Fundacja Partners Polska

The civic debate project, implemented by the Foundation, goes hand in hand with most of its core projects. The debates are conducted based on an assumption, that the free exchange of ideas is a stepping stone to increased understanding. It teaches that a multitude of views and opinions is a wealth for democracy, and not a threat. The most important initiatives include:

2014 – New Pact for Europe/New road to Europe: debate about the future of Europe, organized as a part of the King Baudoine Foundation’s project. Polish citizens\along with the citizens of other EU countries had a chance to voice their opinions on the future European politics.

2010 – Science for Developmental Aid: a series of debates between representatives of the scientific community and developmental aid organization’s workers about strategies for achieving the Millennium Development Goals. Founder: Cooperation Fund

2009, 2014 – The Youth’s Thoughts on Europe – international debate among teenagers of the European Union about their future in a united Europe. Founder: European Commission


2007, 2008-2009 – European Citizens Consultations – initiative that brings together citizens from all 27 member states of the EU in order for them to take part in a discussion – first among themselves, then with decision makers – about the most important challenges facing the EU. Founder: European Commission and a number of public and private institutions

2008 – Initiative for Peacemaking Activities – debate about Polish developmental policies based on the Foundation’s studies on Polish development aid

2007, 2008 – Better talk – series of meetings and discussions about the way Polish families resolve conflicts and talk with eachover

2007 – Active Citizenship – series of local debates about civic involvement and its prospects for development